Research & Development

Eli Lilly Canada plays an integral role in the company’s global Research and Development division, Lilly Research Laboratories (LRL). Working as part of a global entity that transcends national borders, the R&D division of Lilly Canada is responsible for the discovery, development and clinical evaluation of Lilly’s new medicines and for providing ongoing scientific support for our existing marketed products. More than 100 Lilly employees are employed in our R&D division in Canada.

Canadian Clinical Research
We currently have the richest mid-to-late stage pipeline in our history, including potential new medicines for diseases such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer's disease and many types of cancer.  Canadian experts are directly involved in much of this important research. In addition, Lilly Canada supports research on our marketed products to address important clinical and scientific questions. In 2013, Lilly Canada conducted 69 clinical trials at 403 sites across the country. Lilly invested more than $46 million on Research and Development in Canada in 2013.

Leading in Transparency with Lillytrials.com
Lilly understands that the health care community is looking for transparent answers that provide value to the health care decision-making process. In 2004, Lilly became the first pharmaceutical company to voluntarily launch an online clinical trial registry, www.lillytrials.com.

Lilly's Clinical Development Pipeline
Lilly is a company built on innovation. The science has never been more promising and the need for new medicines never greater. For a look at the unique molecules in Lilly's clinical development pipeline, please explore our interactive pipeline.