Diversity and Inclusion

At Lilly, we believe embracing diversity means understanding, respecting and valuing differences in all their forms. We value the things that make people unique. Our commitment to diversity spans our workplace and the people we serve.

Two male colleagues and a female colleague of diverse backgrounds meeting informally on a sofa and chair

Vision for Our Workplace

A focus on diversity and inclusion is built into our workplace culture. From recruiting and hiring, to talent-management processes and all our policies and programs, we see direct value when our workforce is representative of the people we serve, and fully engaged. Our work environment is a place where each employee feels welcomed, respected, valued and heard, and where we benefit from each person’s diverse views and ideas.

Vision for the People We Serve

We are inspired to make a difference in people’s lives every day – through the discovery of life-changing medicines, better understanding of disease management and support for people living with illness. We do this with a commitment to diversity and inclusion because we recognize that every individual is unique. We know that caring for people and working to make lives better starts with understanding and including diverse ideas, people and perspectives in our effort to discover solutions.

Leadership Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

“Diversity and inclusion are important to who we are as a company, and they make Lilly stronger. The diversity of our people empowers us to challenge our organization’s assumptions and drive innovation, while the inclusiveness of our culture harnesses that strength, so that together we can fulfill our promise to improve the lives of diverse patients across Canada and around the world. I am proud of Lilly’s commitment to diversity in our words and our actions. We provide education, enhance collaboration, and cultivate inclusive leadership, so our workplace reflects the diversity of our community and so our employees can contribute their best.”  

– Lisa Matar, General Manager, Lilly Canada

Lisa Matar, General Manager, Lilly Canada

Diversity and Inclusion Goals

We strive to leverage our collective diversity to foster inclusion and innovation, and help the people who use our medicines. We have three core goals:  

  • Workplace diversity and inclusion: Lilly is a workplace that fosters a culture of diversity and inclusion by ensuring our practices are fair and equitable.
  • Employee commitment: Employees create a safe environment where everyone feels respected, valued and heard. We cultivate open conversations. There is no place for harassment or discrimination of any kind.
  • Inclusive leadership: Leaders and people-managers are accountable for creating a fair and inclusive work environment. Our leaders are culturally competent and aware of their biases so they can walk the talk in their day-to-day behaviour and decision-making.

A male colleague and two female colleagues listening to a presenter while seated in a meeting

Key Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives  

  • Recruitment that focuses on reaching diverse talent by building awareness and relationships with organizations that serve diverse groups.
  • Leadership support and executive sponsorship of a diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace culture.
  • Work with external organizations to assess and improve our facilities, processes and working practices.
  • A Diversity and Inclusion Network that enables employees from diverse backgrounds to inform and guide our actions and progress. Our Network is open to all employees who have an interest in participating.
  • Training and resources for employees and people-managers, as well as opportunities to share perspectives and ideas to advance our diversity and inclusion.
  • Recognition initiatives in support of events like Eid, Pride, Diwali, Lunar New Year, French Language Day, Black History Month, National Indigenous Peoples Day, and International Day of Persons with Disabilities. 

In our work to recruit new talent, we encourage applications from people of all backgrounds to help us build a workforce that reflects the diversity of our customers and our communities. We are committed to providing a respectful, inclusive and accessible work environment where all employees have the opportunity to achieve their full potential. To learn more about career opportunities at Lilly Canada, please visit our Careers section.