Lilly Canada's

Commitment to Patient Safety

Medicines play an important role in making life better for people. Beginning with the discovery of a potential new medicine, and for as long as it is available to patients, our goal is to ensure that the benefits and risks of our medications are continuously monitored and well-understood by Lilly, regulators, health care providers and patients.

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How We Fulfill This Commitment

Patients: Medications are just one of many important tools that doctors use in treating short-term and long-term challenges to people’s health. Taking medications exactly as your doctor prescribes is the first and most important step on the road to better health.

If you find you aren't responding well to a medication, or if you have concerns regarding your medication, call your doctor right away and talk about it. There may be other dosing options or other medications available.

Health Care Providers: Lilly wants health care providers to report all adverse events (or side effects) associated with a medication. This includes both non-serious events and serious events, regardless of severity or outcome. This helps ensure that we provide health care providers with the best understanding we have about the risk profile of a medication.

Health Canada’s Role: Learn more at

Physicians, other health care providers and patients are encouraged to voluntarily report adverse events (or side effects) involving drugs or medical devices. To make a report click below.

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