Lilly is committed to making a positive impact, and strengthening the communities in which we live and work. We believe we can make an impact that extends beyond our medicines. Employees who volunteer their time provide great value and demonstrate what living the Lilly brand is all about – it's about making life better for people around the world, and in our own communities. We actively encourage our employees to volunteer, and we develop programs that help them do so.

Local Volunteerism Program

Eli Lilly Canada has evolved its volunteerism efforts to align with our mission as a health care company. Employees are provided two days of company time per year to volunteer for eligible organizations in their local communities. Volunteer opportunities can be skills-based or labour-based, according to the interests of employees and the needs of recipient organizations. Employees are encouraged to support organizations that focus their efforts on health care, nutrition and food security, education, and improved housing—four key social determinants of health.

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Employee Volunteerism Recognition Program
Eli Lilly Canada created its Employee Volunteerism Recognition Program to encourage and recognize the many employees who volunteer their time and expertise in their community outside their workday. Lilly provides a volunteerism grant to eligible health care and educational institutions, as well as cultural and arts organizations, on behalf of participating employees who have volunteered 30 hours of volunteer service.

Global Connecting Hearts Abroad Volunteer Program 

In addition to our efforts to make a meaningful impact locally, Eli Lilly and Company recognizes that as a global organization we can use the skills of our workforce to address issues on a bigger scale. Through Connecting Hearts Abroad, we send at least 100 “Lilly Ambassadors” each year on two-week assignments to provide assistance in communities around the world that lack basic resources and access to quality health care.