Our Financial Interactions

In health care, 2019

The Voluntary Framework on Disclosure of Payments was developed by Innovative Medicines Canada. As a partner in Canada’s health care system, Lilly Canada regularly collaborates with health care professionals (HCPs) and health care organizations (HCOs) to foster scientific exchange, for the ultimate benefit of patients. These collaborations are bound by local and international laws, and are regulated by Innovative Medicines Canada’s Code of Ethical Practices. Lilly’s decision to publish our payments to HCPs and HCOs is voluntary and part of our overall commitment to greater transparency and high ethical standards in our business practices.

All payment information has been captured in aggregate form (one sum total) and presented below in three categories:


$3,106,376 in fees for HCPs’ services

Any direct or indirect payment made to a Canadian HCP by a Canadian Innovative Medicines Canada Member company or a third party acting on behalf of the Member company, in exchange for services rendered by said HCP to the Canadian Member company. Such services may include services rendered as a speaker, consultant or advisor to the Canadian Member company. Consistent with the current Code of Ethical Practices, a Canadian HCP is defined as “… a person who by education, training, certification, or licensure is qualified to and is engaged in providing health care. This can include any of the following: an individual who is currently practicing medicine, nursing, or dispensing medicines in Canada or any other person who, in the course of his or her professional activities, may prescribe, recommend or administer a Prescription Medicine or be involved in related treatment or disease management.”

For greater clarity, a direct or indirect payment to a Canadian HCP payment is defined as:

  • A payment to the HCP as an individual;
  • A payment to an HCP’s incorporated name or business name for services rendered by that HCP; or
  • A payment indirectly to the HCP through a third-party intermediary.

Please note: While the shared framework for these disclosures excludes the fees paid by international affiliates of the Canadian company to Canadian HCPs for the services described above, Lilly has chosen to report this information, and includes these sums here.

$6,585,235 in funding for HCOs

Any direct or indirect provision of funding to an HCO for the purpose of supporting efforts related to, but not limited to, charitable, educational, and scientific activities. For the purpose of this Framework, an HCO is defined as a private or public sector organization, institution or association that is comprised of HCPs and/or provides health care services (e.g., Hospitals, Primary Care Organizations, Hospital Foundations, HCP Organizations and Universities).

This provision of funding excludes all funding related to clinical trials.

Please note: While the shared framework for these disclosures excludes funding resulting in a purchase/exchange of goods or services, such as commercial booths or business to business/partnership agreements, Lilly has chosen to include such funding, and we do so here.

$0 in sponsorship of HCPs’ travel to international congresses or standalone meetings

A direct or indirect provision of financial assistance to a Canadian HCP for the purpose of attending an International Congress (as permitted under Sections 10.2 of the Code of Ethical Practices). Such funding is intended for expenses related to travel, accommodation, meals and congress registration fees (as permitted by the Code) and does not include any honoraria or fee for service.

Please note: Lilly Canada does not sponsor HCPs to attend international congresses or global standalone meetings.

Beyond the voluntary framework established by Innovative Medicines Canada, Lilly Canada is also publishing that, during this period, we spent 


$534,284 for travel by Canadian HCPs to events other than international congresses and/or standalone meetings

Lilly Canada does not send HCPs to international congresses or global standalone meetings; we do occasionally reimburse or pay for their travel and associated expenses in connection with speaking at and/or chairing meetings, delivering medical training, participating in advisory board meetings, developing medical and/or informational material, etc.

$43,945,577 for research and development in Canada

The expenses Lilly incurred in Canada in conducting medical research and gathering clinical data associated with new molecular entities and/or expanded product claims.

For clarity, please note the following:

  • Taxes are excluded wherever possible and all funds are in Canadian dollars
  • These sums are captured according to payment dates and not necessarily the dates on which the activity occurred. Therefore, some activities in the previous reporting period are published here, and some activities that occurred during this reporting period will be published in the next report;
  • Some payments made to HCOs include payments that were passed through to HCPs as fees for services; in such cases, the fees are reported in the sum of our funding of HCOs;
  • Total funding to HCOs also includes payments to Patient Associations;
  • Lilly has used our reasonable best efforts to capture the most comprehensive data possible according to our knowledge and interpretation of the Voluntary Framework on the Disclosure Payments to HCPs/HCOs.

Legal Disclaimer: While Lilly makes every effort to present accurate and reliable information, we make no warranty and assume no legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the information contained herein.